Our Rome Food Tours

Rome is a living breathing museum of art and history. It has more awe-inspiring attractions than perhaps any other city in the world. There are no words to describe sites like the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, but we want you to come with us and escape the tourists for a while. We’ll take you to places that locals cherish so you can really experience Rome’s rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine and wonderful people.

Our entertaining Walking Food Tours and Cooking Classes take you off the beaten path for a unique glimpse into the daily life of the eternal city that you won’t soon forget.

Entertaining and knowledgeable guides lead small groups (max 6-14) through real neighborhoods to indulge in Rome’s best foods in places that have been feeding locals for generations.

Each food tasting stop has been selected not only for the quality of food but also for the history it holds, the passion of its people, and its significance in the local community.

Locations carefully selected based on food quality, their unique story, the passion of the people and significance in the neighborhood.

More than just a food tour. You’ll eat like a Roman, discover unforgettable historical attractions and be introduced to the people behind the food – hear their stories, their secrets and feel like a Rome local.


Our Rome Cooking Classes

Our Pizza School for Kids is designed especially for kids but is loads of fun for the whole family. While the kids learn to make a traditional Roman pizza for dinner, the ‘big kids’ will munch on cheese, Italian cured meats, bruschetta, desserts and wine, all in a local Roman Pizzeria.

For dinner in Rome, skip the restaurant. Join us for a special evening and Cook Dinner with Nonna. Our real Italian grandma invites you into a vintage, Roman apartment and teaches you how to lovingly prepare a four course, traditional Italian meal using local, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the home-cooked food while hearing stories of Rome through the eyes of our nonna.


Rome Cooking Class

Cook Dinner with Nonna

Ask any Roman where to eat and before nominating a great restaurant in town, they’ll tell you it’s at nonna’s house. Under her watchful eye and gentle guidance, together you’ll prepare an authentic home-cooked meal and enjoy it over great conversation and local wine. The class is held in a vintage Roman apartment to make this unique experience even more authentic.

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Pizza School For Kids

Pizza School For Kids

Kids visiting Rome want nothing more than to eat pizza and sweet desserts. What if we told you they could learn to make their own? At our Pizza School for Kids, the children will learn how to make traditional Roman pizza while the ‘big kids’ watch – all the while enjoying cheese, Italian cured meats, bruschetta -and wine! Fun for the whole family. Finish it up with tiramisu made by the kids - buonissimo!

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  • “Foodie delights lurk literally on almost every corner. A feast for all the senses.”

  • “Interspersing history, tradition and local food culture in a less seen side of the city.”

  • “A moving feast on the streets of Rome.”

  • “A food tour that’s off the beaten path.”