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Twilight Trastevere Food Tour

Enjoy an evening of food and wine in one of Rome’s most photogenic neighborhoods.

rome trastevere food tour

Daylight Trastevere Food Tour

Eat your way through Trastevere and meet the families preserving Roman food traditions.

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Taste of Testaccio Food Tour

Experience the real Rome through delicious tastings in the original foodie neighborhood.

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Cooking With Nonna

Learn to prepare a traditional 4-course Italian meal from our Roman grandmother.


Vegetarian Restaurants in Rome

Vegetarianism is more and more common nowadays. Whether it’s for personal beliefs, because of a diet you are following, or because you too believe that meat is not as good for you as we once thought, and should be slowly eliminated from everyday consumption, there are various restaurants that share your beliefs. Through thorough research, I have come across a number of restaurants that are either entirely focused on vegetarian cooking and biological products, or others that serve a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, along with all the others.

Either way, if you are a vegetarian or would just like to try some new-age vegetarian cooking, here’s a list of vegetarian, vegan and ovo-lacto friendly places you should visit.

Great fresh produce means great vegetarian food in Rome

Great fresh produce means great vegetarian food in Rome

Alvarado Street

Alvarado Street is all about “expressing yourself”.  It was born as a way to combine the pub atmosphere with different cultural and underground scenes.  Spread over two floors, Alvarado Street offers pub style vegetarian and vegan dishes, combined with everything from photographic exhibitions, literary readings, live music, and more. Alvarado Street is not primarily vegan, but is a vegan friendly pub and offers a number of dishes including vegan cannelloni, mopur and tofu sandwiches, vegan couscous and biological wine and beerIt also organizes a vegan aperitivo 1-2 times a month, at very affordable prices.

Via Attilio Mori, 27 (Casilina/S. Elena)
Tel. +39 333 688 0740 or +39 349 7218 807

Arancia Blu

“Many consider vegetarian dishes to be lacking in flavour, monotonous and punitive. We try to prove them wrong.” This is the sentence printed on every one of Arancia Blu‘s napkins, and the philosophy by which they cook their food. Their raw materials are of extremely high quality, and a result of constant research. They specialize in a number of dishes, amongst which their handmade paste ripiene (pasta with different fillings), their desserts and their traditional dishes. In addition to those, you will find a list of over 600 wines, champagnes, cheeses (both national and foreign), artisan beers, coffees, chocolate, teas and alcohols.

Open daily from 5 p.m.; aperitivo and cheese/champagne tastings at 7 p.m.; dinner at 8 p.m.
On weekends open for lunch only.
Via Prenestina, 396e
Tel. +


Food for the mind and for the body. Bibliothè is a unique club in the heart of Rome, between Piazza Venezia and Largo Argentina, based on ancient vegetarian Indian dishes. The club joins this traditional cuisine with a variety of cultural activities, including courses, conferences and events (Indian dance, natural vegetarian cuisine, indian martial arts, yoga etc.). At lunch time you will be able to taste the delicious vegetarian dishes made with all kinds of cereal, legumes and fresh seasonal products, and in the afternoon you can sit down for some aromatic indian tea paired with mouth watering anglo-indian desserts.

Closed Sunday
Via Celsa, 4 (Pantheon)
Tel. +39.06.678.1427

Delicious vegetarian pasta dishes

Delicious vegetarian pasta dishes

Giufa’ Libreria Caffe’

An intimate gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly bar/bookshop. Serves gluten-free chocolate cookies, hot chocolates and cappuccinos made with soy milk, biological teas and infusions, and a small array of vegan desserts (try the mini wine doughnuts!). Also serves vegan and biological savory tarts.

Via degli Aurunci, 38 (San Lorenzo)
Open Tues-Thurs 1pm-1am, Fri-Sat 1pm-2am, Sun-Mon 3pm-12pm
Tel: 0644361406

Il Geco Biondo

The Blond Gecko is a small restaurant with a huge heart.  It is based on the concept of slow food, where you rediscover the joys of eating healthy, responsibly, sensibly and with lots of flavor!  All their dishes are based on organic vegetarian produce, and they specialize in handmade pasta (with new and diverse sauces and condiments), salads and vegan desserts.

Open for dinner only, closed Sunday
Via G. Cardano, 105 (Marconi/San Paolo)
Tel. +39.06.557.1048

Margutta RistorArte

Over thirty years of excellent vegetarian cuisine, accompanied by the love of art, music and colors. Margutta RistorArte is located on the famous Via Margutta, only minutes away from Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps and home to some of the greatest art galleries in Rome. Vegetarian food is based on an act of love towards oneself and all other living things. It is this philosophy that has made this restaurant well known and loved since 1979.  They offer a vegan menu, buffet-style lunches and a number of brunch options for the late risers.

Open lunch and dinner, seven days a week, year-round (except Christmas Day)
Via Margutta, 118
Tel. +39.06.3265.0577

Fresh locally made cheese starters

Fresh locally made cheese starters

Rewild Cruelty-Free Club

Why choose vegan? Because vegan products require a much smaller fraction of land and fewer resources than those necessary to produce animal products. According to Rewild Cruelty-Free Club, the choice is simple: choose vegan. Club members get the oppurtunity to eat and drink whatever they like without having to worry about ingredients or limited choices. They offer sandwiches and wraps with vegan cold cuts, sausages and veggies burgers. Main courses (lasagna, tagliatelle, ravioli, soups and rolls), and second courses (breaded cutlets, roasts, medalions etc..) are all made with a seitan, tempeh or tofu base. You can choose between bruschetta with vegetable/tofu/organic spreads, vegan cheeses, and even shakes and puddings with vegetable milk. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything! And everything is obviously…free of animal exploitation!

Open every night from 8pm. Closed Monday
Via Giovannipoli, 18 (metro b Garbatella/Basilica San Paolo)
Tel. +39.06.9761.3910

For more great information about vegetarian restaurants in Rome, read this piece by writer Eleonora Baldwyn (writer and creator of the fantastic food blog Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino).

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  1. Kamlesh Mallick says


    This is just perfect!
    Thank you for putting this together!

    I’m a vegetarian and i live in India. I’m visiting Rome in a few weeks (July 2014) and i wanted to try some places which are ‘different’, ‘creative’ and of-course vegetarian!

    Would u recommend the – Saturday buffet at Margutta RistorArte?
    I will be exploring Rome on that Saturday and that buffet looks soooooooooooo good!!! :)

    So after a crazy morning exploring Ancient Rome (This is my first time here), what would u recommend?

    Thanks and keep writing,

    • says

      Hi Kamlesh, Happy to help! Actually, I’ve never eaten at Margutta RisorArte, but I’ve walked by and it always looks good. There are also a surprising number of vegetarian dishes (pasta and pizza) served at the trattorias around Rome, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding meat-less dishes. Enjoy!

    • Rahushi says

      Hi Kamlesh,
      I am also visiting Rome Aug end.
      How was your trip and what all food places did you try?
      Any recommendations?


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